Weight Control

Eating the right way for weight control

Eat only when you are hungry

Most of the time we are not actually hungry. It is the little addictive cravings we get during the day for foods that contain sugar, salt or animal fat.

Eat as much as you need

As you are eating allow yourself the opportunity to notice how comfortable you are. If you are becoming uncomfortable and full then stop eating. Even after you have eaten you may feel guilty about the food you have eaten. Prior to eating, determine whether the food will make you comfortable afterwards.

Eat as many raw foods as possible

Cooking takes away food nutrients therefore requiring more food. Raw food is good for your colon. Only cook some foods like meat.

Allow 3 to 4 hours between eating

Some people eat small portions of food all day. The stomach takes about 2 hour to digest food before passing it into the small intestine. If you eat before 2 hours the new food mixes with the partially digested old food. The old food can stay in your stomach too long or the new food may be passed into the small intestine without being fully digested.

Eat with variety not quantity

If you are addicted to the quantity of food, your stomach is probably stretched and needs more food to feel full. Eat when you are hungry and stop as you become uncomfortable and allow your stomach to shrink backs to its right size. With one meal eat lots of different foods to make yourself comfortable.

Eat slowly

This allows the saliva in your mouth to start the digestive process for fats in the food. It also helps the stomach and small intestine to extract more nutrients from the food. Without this process the food goes down in larger chunks and the nutritional value is wasted, leaving you hungry and full of fat.

Fast Food and processed food is not good food

Fast food is convenient, however it is usually full of added sugar, salt, animal fats. Processed food is the same and contains preservatives and chemicals. These foods end up as the snack foods and are even advertised this way.

Never diet

What more can be said. 95% of people who go on crash diets gain the weight back and some more. Dieting does not change your eating behaviours. When you have finished the diet, your brain just goes back to what it was doing before.

Problem Focused Therapy

Don’t eat when you are stressed, angry, upset, bored, fearful or anxious…start tapping and practise

If you eat when you are upset, bored, stressed, angry, sad, guilty, frustrated, annoyed, fearful, paranoid, scared or what ever, then don’t. You are using food as a comfort solution to reduce these negative emotions. If the food works then keep eating ( give me a call if it works). If food does not reduce the negative emotions and the discomfort then practise Problem Focused Therapy.