Hypnosis is a tool of medicine and psychology. It is a natural relaxing method of treatment designed to meet the needs of each individual. Hypnosis involves a process which helps people clear their minds of distracting internal conversations and confusing ideas and beliefs which have prevented them from enjoying their lives.

When you experience the hypnotic session you are in total control. Peter Tait is a properly trained professional hypnotherapist who allows you the comfort and freedom to focus awareness on the issue and discover solutions to your problems.

Hypnotherapy provides you with more options than you once had. Choosing interesting choices and discovering that your comfort levels rise quickly, or that you feel a sense of relief upon being reminded of what you used to do, are common results of treatment. When you attend a counselling session with Peter Tait he provides you with an audio- tape designed to hypnotically assist you in loosing weight and or a general tape that reinforces the counselling session. These two tapes are not available commercially.

Peter Tait's stop smoking hypnosis self help recording is available for purchase via audio download here.