Consistently, clients of the clinic report that they are back in control of their lives more than ever before, in a surprisingly short time. Counselling or therapy which is effective and cost effective goes beyond listening respectfully.

It includes working closely with the individual, or couple, or family to assist them to find what they need from within themselves and engage in appropriate action.

Weight Control Hypnosis Problem Focused Therapy

    Issues dealt with daily in the clinic:

    Relationship Concerns

    • Relationship difficulties.
    • Adjusting to life changes.
    • Separation & Divorce.

    Pain Management

    • Chronic Pain.
    • Migraine.
    • Headache.


    • Smoking.
    • Overeating.
    • Restrictive eating.
    • Obsessions & compulsions.

    Emotional Issues

    • Stress, low self esteem.
    • Anxiety, including phobias.
    • Depression, grief, fear.
    • Anger management.
    • Post traumatic stress.
    • Personal image problems.
    • Panic attacks.

    Performance Issues

    • Work performance.
    • Sports performance.

    Childhood Concerns

    • Physical & multiple disabilities.
    • Intellectual disabilities.
    • Learning difficulties.
    • Nightmares.
    • Bed wetting & toileting.