Peter Tait is a registered psychologist and hypnotherapist, with 35 years experience in health, counselling and education. He has been an active member of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) for 30 years. He uses a variety of innovative therapeutic counselling strategies that are individually designed to resolve your distress and provide effective outcomes in the shortest time. 

He focuses on trauma recovery for emergency service personnel including Police, Ambulance Paramedics, Fire-fighters, State Emergency Services and personnel involved in work that may contribute to traumatic outcomes. He also focuses on trauma recovery for victims of crimes. This includes homicide, robbery, assault, aggravated burglary, stalking, attempted or committed sexual offences, and counselling for dependents of deceased victims).

Our service is characterised by:

A passionate respect for individual differences and the legitimacy of these differences.

An attitude of positive expectation towards the future, emphasising action rather than just understanding causes from the past.

The assumption that the individual can remember forgotten skills or learn new skills or unlearn unhelpful skills, rather than being diagnosed or fixed.

Peter Tait Counselling provides:

  • 24 hour, 7 days mobile message service
  • Competent & responsive receptionist staff
  • Efficient & responsive account facilities
  • Responsible client liaison
  • Central locations
  • Disability access
  • Home visits
  • Self help audio tapes
  • Workcover & T.A.C
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS.
  • Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal. (VOCAT). 
  •  NDIS. Peter provides counselling for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. He is a registered nurse  who trained in the specialised area of intellectual disability. He became a lecturer in disability and finally the principal  of the school of nursing. He was a senior training consultant for the Victorian Government.   
  • Victims of crime or domestic violence are eligible for free counselling under Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT). The service includes crimes against the person, e.g. homicide, robbery, assault, aggravated burglary, or stalking — attempted or committed, sexual offences, and counselling for dependents of deceased victims).

For more information contact Peter Tait on 0419 543 462.

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