Problem Focused Therapy

Most therapies attempt to focus people away from their problems or try to take their mind off the problem. Problem Focused Therapy allows the person to focus onto the problem while they practise a variation of acupressure to restructure and change their thinking patterns.

All people have two types of thinking, the conscious thinking and the unconscious thinking or subconscious thinking. The conscious thinking has two parts. The first part is quite helpful. If you put some milk on the stove to heat up and then go outside to do something, this part of your thinking may say something like “Hey hang on, go back to the milk or it will boil over and make a mess”. You may even say it aloud because these thoughts are conscious. The other part of your conscious thinking is not very helpful. This is the part that puts you down and blames you for everything that has ever happened on this planet. It sometimes starts sentences in your mind like, “If only I had, or they had done...” or “I should...I have to...I wish I could...If only...” or maybe it goes into the future and says, “What if...this problem never goes away”.

Some people call it the self-critic or self-blamer. The funny thing is that it actually sounds helpful. “I should relax, I have to stop smoking, I wish and hope I can find some relief from this pain, If only I could stop eating”.As you listen to these thoughts you get more of the things that you don’t want and less of the things that you do want. “I’m a nervous wreck I have to relax” and the anxiety and tension only build. I call these thoughts Hoax Thoughts because they sound helpful however they trick you into getting more of what you don’t want.

The unconscious mind supports and looks after you. It never puts you down, never says you should do this or you have to do that. The unconscious allows you the opportunity to choose...and it doesn’t matter which choice you choose it supports all your choices. On the one hand you can choose an uncomfortable choice like, depression (I don’t know anyone who finds depression comfortable) and on the other hand you can choose something comfortable like, happy. As soon as you choose your choice the unconscious allows you to experience that choice.

Someone said to me, if it was this easy then why am l always depressed. I asked this person to tell me how they did depression. Their answer was they didn’t know. By the way I don’t know how to do depression either. It is more like a choice. If you find out how you do happy then give me a call. Some people feel that they don’t have a choice in the matter and that’s true because they are listening to their Hoax Thoughts that puts them down. They say “ You shouldn’t be have to get out of this...and you have to do it now,” These people get more of what they don’t want...depression. Some people choose an uncomfortable choice like smoking or eating too much or anxiety, however most of these people are not having a choice at all. That’s why some people feel out of control and feel that they are going around and around in a vicious circle.

Problem Focused Therapy is used extensively for the relief from trauma, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, stress, fear, panic, tension & depression as well as many physical symptoms like pain and headaches. This is accomplished by applying pressure to selected points on the body and focusing on the emotional problem.

Problem Focused Therapy has been developed from Energy Psychology and utilises Acupressure point strategies, Cognitive restructuring, and Behavioural Kinesiology. This technique can easily be used by yourself. Results are usually spontaneous within the one hour session. To get useful and lasting results you need to continue to be committed to your goal and be willing to modify your daily habits, actions and/or beliefs to support your new way of living.